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Brenda Bernadette Aaron

Brenda Bernadette Aaron was selected as one of the first women officer cadets and would later be appointed Commanding Officer of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC).  On 30th January 1967, she joined Clarissa Hookumchand, Hyacinth King and Joan Granger, the last of whom was appointed captain and officer commanding the WAC from the outset.  A week later, they were joined by, fifty-six female regular strength of the GDF and posted to the Training Wing, where she assumed responsibility as Officer Commanding (OC) the women’s training division and she supervised training for both female soldiers and young women recruited to the Guyana Youth Corps (GYC).

During her period of service, Brenda Aaron was also appointed: Officer Commanding the Headquarters Company; Executive Officer, Base Command Timehri; Commanding Officer (CO) WAC (1981-83); and, Staff Officer 2, Force Headquarters (FHQ) (1983-1994).  She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1991, becoming the first woman to attain the rank in the Guyana Defence Force and probably, the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Over the years, Brenda Aaron completed a number of professional courses which included the Officer Cadet Course (1967); Junior Command and Staff Course (1973); and WAC Administration at the Women’s Royal Army Corps, UK (1975).  She was also educated at the University of Guyana, where she gained the Diploma in Social Work (1975-79) and Bachelor of Social Science Degree.

Born in 1945 in Friendship Village, ECD, Brenda Aaron attended the Roman Catholic School in Georgetown and subsequently taught at Buxton Congregational School and Malgre’ Tout School at Pouderoyen, WCD.

She is the recipient of the Military Efficiency Medal (1980); Military Commemoration Medal (1990); and Military Service Medal (1993).  She retired from the GDF in August 1994.