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New River Operation

The New River Operation is an operation launched by the GDF in August 1969 to clear all encroachers from the New River area and to recapture the Tigri Airstrip. This operation was named "Operation Climax" and was executed with maximum precision. Through this operation the GDF managed to recapture the airstrip and clear the area of all encroachers without any lives being lost. The operation was basically bloodless. Due to the surprise attack at dawn on the encroachers by the GDF the encroachers ultimate decision was a hasty withdrawal, thus there were no deaths, only some POWs. This operation was one of the most successful ventures of the force.

GDF Operation

In January 1969, residents of the Rupununi area staged an Uprising demanding their Independence. The insurgents attacked the Lethem Police Station, killing five policemen and one Amerindian, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the Guyana School of Agriculture. Members of the Guyana Defence Force were flown into the area. The plane which carried the detachment of the soldiers, found the airstrip inaccessible with trees and other obstacles. Hence they were forced to land at Moinari some 10 m away. There was a confrontation with the insurgents and members of the GDF, Karasabi was the first to be retaken, subsequently Lethem, Annai, and Good Hope. Four members of the GDF were seriously injured but there was no fatality. The Rebels fled to Brazil after the attempt failed. The retaking of the South West Region of Guyana was a brilliant GDF operation to capture the insurgents and maintain Guyana as an indivisible sovereign nation.