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Brigadier General Edward Collins

Brigadier Edward  Orin Collins was born on September 26, 1952 at No. 2 Village, West Coast Berbice. Collins was became Cadet Officer in early 1970s, later he become the head of the GDF. His first military experience was in 1960s when he encountered the British soldiers here in Guyana , following by the Volunteer Corps, but his was still not enthusiastic  about the military life then. His first job was teaching at St. Jules Anglican School at Blankenburg, WCD, that career wa short lived and while training in college the idea of him joining the Guyana Defence Force was created. After going through the interview process, he joined the GDF at the age of 21 as an Officer Cadet in 1973 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on July 24, 1974. Collins and two other members of the Guyana Defence Force were selected to be apart of special course in China. With an extensive military education and training too numerous to mention.

 On April 3,2008, he was the first Guyanese to be inducted in the International Officers Hall of Fame at the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth Kanasas, United States of America

Mr. Edward Collins retired from the Guyana Defence Force as a Brigadier General in 2007, leaving his successor, Cdre Gary Best.