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Colonel Ronald Pope

Colonel Ronald Pope served with the 1st Battalion in Palestine before becoming Adjutant of 2nd Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment TA in 1947.In 1950 he later rejoined the 1st Battalion in Eritrea as Adjutant, an appointment he filled with memorable distinction and efficiency. He was an instructor at Eaton Hall Officer Training School from 1954-55,  and shortly after attending the Staff College in 1956.This was followed by two years as DAAQMG in Malta and a further year as a Company Commander with the 1st Battalion in Minden. In 1961,Pope graduated from Joint Services Staff College Latimer, he then returned to Minden for a very successful tour as Brigade Major of 11th Infantry Brigade.

In December 1965 he was appointed Commanding Officer of the newly formed 1st Battalion of the Guyana Defence Force, where he was elevated to become Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force in May 1967.

Ronnie was the epitome of the practical regimental soldier who was at his happiest in the field. His loyalty to and affection for his regiment was paramount and he was a staunchly patriotic Welshman. An active sportsman, and particularly keen on athletics, boxing, rugby and riding, he had a passion for physical fitness which at times shamed and yet doubly encouraged many of his brother officers.
Considered by many to be serious - a description he himself would never deny - he was to those who knew him well a warm hearted, generous and steadfast friend with a keen social awareness and a hidden sense of humour. Unknown to many, he had undisclosed talents as the author of several children's books and a composer of military marches.