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Major General Norman Mc Lean

Major General Norman Gordon Mc Lean

Major General Norman Gordon Mc Lean  was  born on November 23, 1935 and was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the British Guiana  Volunteer Force in 1957 after having joined the BGVF as a private in 1954. He left the next year to become a cadet in the British Guiana Police Force (BGPF) as one of the first local cadet officers. During his service in the force he attended and successfully completed courses at the police college in the United Kingdom and the International Police Academy in Washington, USA and rose from the rank of Cadet Officer to that of Assistant Commissioner.


Major Gen McLean was then seconded to the Guyana National service upon its formation as its first Director General in 1974.On July 12,1979 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier,posted to the Guyana Defence Force and appointed Chief of Satff and Corrdinator of the Joint service. He was promoted to Major General in 1985. His academic qualifications include a Diploma in Public Administration and a Bachelors degree in Public Management, both form the University of Guyana, and a Masters Degree in Security Management from the University of Leicester, UK.

He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service, the Independence Medal, the Military Service Star, and the Medal of Service. Major General Mc Lean retired on the December 1,1990.