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GDF supports CDC to bring relief to flood-hit Region 8

Guyana Defence Force troops, have several reasons to be proud of what they do in service to Guyana and their countrymen. One such reason, is that collectively, they are involved in activities which engender nation building and national development. This was evident recently when Officers and Ranks of the Guyana Defence Force, robustly engaged with the Civil Defence Commission, to bring relief to residents of Region Eight communities which were severely impacted by flooding as a result of heavy rainfall.

Among other functions, GDF troops on the ground were performing damage assessment and delivering much needed supplies of food and other items, in order to alleviate the hardship which residents faced as a result of the flooding.

In 2016, flooding on the Coastland triggered a similar response. Similarly, in 2011, a major flood hazard in Region 9 saw a coordinated effort to bring relief to the citizens there. Most memorable, are the floods which hit the coastland in 2005, which saw extensive and comprehensive relief efforts to positively impact the lives of thousands of Guyanese who suffered during that time.

In every instance, GDF troops gave yeoman service to their fellow Guyanese. The GDF will continue to be involved since it exists in “Service” to the people of Guyana.