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Two hundred and sixty-seven Ranks from across various Units, Branches and Departments of the Force, were rewarded with incentives in recognition of their outstanding performances and working beyond the call of duty. They received their rewards at the simple but significant 2017 Incentives Ceremony, at the Auditorium at Base Camp Ayanganna.

Prior to distributing the incentives, Chief of Staff Brigadier Patrick West applauded the hard work, dedication and commitment of today's recipients and thanked them for service "above and beyond" what was expected of them. He explained that this year, the decision was taken to impact as wide a cross-section of the Force as possible and pledged to distribute the awards annually, throughout his tenure as Chief of Staff.

Brigadier West said that the Force recognised that the importance of sustaining the morale of soldiers, and noted that the provision of incentives for hard and dedicated work was just one way to do so. He then called on all recipients to be prudent with their finances and always ensure that they "put up' money for the proverbial "rainy day". "Manage your finances. Always put up money. Develop that discipline of "always having". Do not squander your incentive but use it very wisely," he encouraged.

Incentives were presented under several categories with awards being made to the members of the Boxing, Football, Rugby and Athletic teams, members of the Four Engineers Battalion (4 Eng Bn), the Coast Guard, Air Corps, 21 Artillery Company, the 1 Infantry Battalion, Coastal Battalion, DHQ Finance Department, DHQ Training Department, DHQ General Personnel Department, members of staff of various Messes, troops from Base Camp Ayanganna, the Guyana People's Militia, Base Camp Stephenson, the G5 Branch, and the Medical Corps, to name a few.

Congratulations to all awardees, and it is hoped that this will serve as motivation for many others to aspire to the same achievement in the future.